Terms And Conditions

  1. Non – discussable contents (like prnography, offensive images without concepts, etc.) Art prohibited on www.qdyrx.com.
  2. Intellectual discussions shalt be applied to every content on www.qdyrx.com (every content can and shalt, be discussed by other uses.
  3. Requests to block or delete discussable contents on www.qdyrx.com, shalt be treated and publicly denounced as cowardly attitude because of lack of discussion capabilities to personally demonstrate why the content is wrong.
  4. Illegal actions (like attempts to deal drugs, plan roberies, plan assassinations, etc.), on www.qdyrx.com, art responsability of the involved users. Www.qdyrx.com taketh no responsability of illegal contents created by users. Www.qdyrx.com shalt report illegal contents and their creators, to authorities, and then, the contents shalt be deleted from www.qdyrx.com.
  5. All commercial actions on www.qdyrx.com must be documented with signed contracts, to avoid frauds. Www.qdyrx.com shalt not take responsability of incidents between uers who deal without documentation.
  6. The format of commerce documentation must be the one given by www.qdyrx.com. users who want to use other type of documentation, must resolve incidents with their lawyers. Www.qdyrx.com shalt not be a support on cases with custom documentations.
  7. Www.qdyrx.com doeth not accept use of bots, scripts and any tool for massive reach. Users who implement them, shalt be banned.
  8. The general views of www.qdyrx.com art for commerce and news. Custom topics art allowed too, but www.qdyrx.com encourage users to create groups or groupal chats, to make the topics, more focussed and organized.
  9. Groups creators and moderators on www.qdyrx.com art not allowed to block users or delete discussable contents (because of lack of capability of discussion). The attitude of block request, shalt be publicly denounced as cowardly behavior or lack of intellectual ability.
  10. Conflicts between users shalt not be responsability of www.qdyrx.com, because they art responsability of a society that doeth not promote intellectual behavior, and its educational system that maketh people just repeat concepts instead of make them think (causing conflicts by ignorance and stupidity).