1. All Based On Acceleration – Temporal Levels,
  2. No – Dimension To Three Dimensions = Matter Perception,
  3. Matter On Temporal Dimensions = Energy… Until Luminic, (Energy = Relation Between Matter On Same Temporal Level. Luminic Values = Relation Between Energetic Values On Same Temporal Level), Acceleration,
  4. Out Of Range Levels = Dark Matter – Energy,
  5. Excedents Of Ayx Qualities = Penta – Dimensional,
  6. Future – Present – Past… Over Nothingness, By Realities: Big – Bang: All Together At First, All Existences (Number Or s1 Realities On Same Levels / 2 = Number Of Perspectives – Existences,
  7. Fussion: Levels Highering, Genetics – Chemistry: Realities And Dark Levels,
  8. Dark Matter – Energy = Temporal Progressions Of Dynamic Ayx Qualities,
  9. Contraction = To Past,
  10. Possibilities From Nothingness Fill Levels = Everything, Statistics: Non – Filled Levels By Temporal Progressions – Fussion = Dark Levels,

Coclusion: Nothingness =  Everything = Division Of Nothingness Into Possibilities, By Perspective Differentiation (Temporal Progressions Levels): Re – Structuration By Fussion, H s1 First Because Of Times,

Relations Stop Fussions:

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