Project "Essentia Evolutionis"

A System Of Entrepreneurship By Cooperations And Alliances With Earnings Of Each Member, Proportional To The Effects Of The Tasks And Contributions Done By Him Or Her .

Example: If One Member Hath A Project About Creating A Touristic Place, And Other Member Hath Some Equipment, Materials, Knowledge, Etc. Useful For The First Memeber’ s Touristic Project… They Can Deal A Contribution From The Person Or Entity Who Hath The Equipment, Materials, Knowledge, Etc., In The First Memeber’ s Touristic Project… Or Permanent Alliance, Conditional Selling Of The Items, Or What Is Good For Both.

In This Way, People Shalt Be Able To Achieve Goals And Dreams… By Cooperations, Instead Of Brutal Competition Caused By Difficult Of Possibility To Take Opportunities In This Over – Populated World.

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