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Essentia Artiis

The story and mythology behind our company by founder Spiritus Umbrarum (Herman Roberto Ponce Estrada):


A long time ago, a media player asked me for a name for my collection. As I have always had an eclectic and diverse musical taste I decided to use the name Sonitus Umbrarum (from the Latin “Sound of the shadows”) to convey the expressions, emotions, nuances and subtleties of the broad genres involved. This same name was used for my audio studio, hence the obscure and dark imagery.


I decided to expand the artistic scope of the company creating a branch called “Quintessential Death Of Yaxche In the realm of Xibalba“, this was focused on creating a network for all different forms of art.


I focused the idea/concept of the website inspired on Yaxche, the tree of life that represents the universe in the the Mayan cosmic vision as following:


Caan (the heaven of Mayan cosmology) had 13 levels ruled by the god “Itzam Na”, who had 13 versions of himself. These versions were the “Oxlahuntiku” gods, which represented 13 gods of heaven in only one deity.

In addition to “Itzam Na” there were other resident gods in Caan.

These were:

– “Chaac” – God of rain and thunder

– “Kinich Ahau” – God of sun and art

– “Ixchel” – Godess of moon, music and poetry

who traveled at free will between the different worlds Caan, Cab and Xibalba.


Cab (the Earth) was ruled by the “Bolontiku” gods or deities.

These were responsible for the natural disasters occurring on the planet.

Disasters including:

– earthquakes

– tsunamis

– tornadoes

– floods

– droughts

– pests


In Mayan cosmology the underworld Xibalba (residence of the dead) had 9 levels with obstacles such as

– River of pus, river of blood and river of scorpions

– Winding and intricate crossroads of red, blue, white, black colours to confuse the dead.

One of these crossroads, the black one, had a whisper in the distant winds calling…

“I am the one which you must take, because I am the path to the lord”

These whispers lead to different councils the dead should surpass in order to reach the city and gardens of Xibalba; these councils were as following

– “Quequma-ha” a place in which there was only but darkness;

– “Xuxulim-ha” the house stormed by furious and freezing blasts of winds;

– “Balami-ha” house ruled by fierce jaguars engulfed in rage;

– “Zotzi-ha” dark council infested by furious and ravaging bats;

– “Chayin-ha” the house surrounded by razor edges, knives and daggers

– “Mitnal” the house of eternal fire, inhabited by deities

Each river and house was protected by a deity:


– Vucub-Came
– Xiquiripat
– Chuchumaquic
– Ahalpuh
– Ahalcane
– Chamiabac
– Chamiaholom
– Quicxic
– Paton
– Quicre
– Quicrixcac


which mocked, tortured, flayed and humiliated the dead as part of a ritual trail before they were granted access to the city and gardens of Xibalba.



Bicallis Ad Tertius Universitas means “path to the third universe” in Latin, and it is a concept derived from my personal philosophy in which there is a trilogy of the essence; which is perceived as mind, spirit and soul.


The mind is perception, the spirit is purifyier and the soul is the essential concept that hold both nothingness and everything.


My nickname “Spiritus Umbrarum” meanth “spirit of the shadows” in Latin, and I chose it due to my personal philosophy in which there is no such thing as good or bad, intelligence or stupidity, beauty or ugliness, etc.; but everything has a balanced nature and conceptual essence (shadows), which is commonly perceived as light and darkness, separately.


A brief explanation about the aspects of my philosophy, in response to requests related to Sonitus Umbrarum, Quintessential Death Of Yaxche In the realm of Xibalba and Bicallis Ad Tertius Universitas:


In my philosophy nothing is either positive or negative, but everything is neutral and depends on the perception point. Each concept is balanced in its essence and nature, and the points of perspective alter the projection of that essence.


I use the idea of light and darkness balanced in shadows, to represent that system. Both absolute nothingness and everything represent the essence and its projection: nothingness (Nihilum) is the natural essence and in its original state everything (Omnium) is the projection of Nihilum in its same system (perceptible version of the nothingness).


Concepts I created are:


“Universitas” as the projections within the overall projection (Omnium).


“Umbram” (or “In Umbram”) as the balance of the essential forces defined by perceptions such as opposite (light and darkness).


Each essence has 3 universes:


+ intellectual;


+ sentimental;


+ conceptual.


The first universe (mind) is creative; the second (spirit) is the purifier of the creations from the first; and the third (soul) is the result of the functional balance between the first two.


The conceptual deaths (Quintessential Death of) are returns to Nihilum, the pure essence of the absolute nothingness; in which the perception is not influenced by external factors. Death is the natural essence and life is its projection in the overall projection system.


The style is dark and obscure because I believe the colour black is elegant and appealing. In my philosophy each concept generates either a balance or unbalance process. Each essence perceived as negative shall cause a positive counter reaction which balances the system and vice-versa; even if they are not relating to the same point of perspective.


Spiritus Umbrarum (Herman Roberto Ponce Estrada).

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